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As one of Michael’s instructors during his academic pursuits at ITT Tech, I’d like to highly recommend him. Michael’s fortitude and pursuit for excellence in his classwork was superb, as was his professionalism within the classroom. I would highly recommend Michael, and his work, to any future employers and/or business partners.”
Jordan Rivington, ITT Technical Institute
I have worked with Michael on numerous sites throughout my two years at ITT Technical Institute and would love to work with him again. He is very work oriented and has never let me down, in fact he has actually surprised me by taking on other peoples jobs (where the people were slacking) and told me it was his grade and he wasn’t leaving it to chance. Not only did he take on the other job but it was out of our expertise and he really made it work. I have much respect for this man and I believe he would be of great value and an asset to any company.
Sean Barshaw, Sean Barshaw
Michael had a good understanding of customer expectations and was able to build relationships at multiple layers within our customers’ facilities. If I asked Mike to take care of something, I knew I didn’t need to worry about it. Mike always had a positive attitude!
Scott Dillon, International Paper
Michael was a goal orientated employee. When a problem did arise, Michael took the initiative to contact the customer and see what the issue was and then take the necessary steps to correct the problem to the customers satisfaction. More importantly, Michael was a very proactive manager. He instituted procedures to ensure quality product was delivered to the customer. He wanted every product to go out the door, correct the first time.
Al Kopack, Anchor Bay Packaging